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Healthcare Work

Among the things I voice are medical device, procedure and therapies training programs for a nationally known international healthcare corporation. I like doing things that are helpful. And it’s cool to learn about things like CryoAblation catheters, sacral neuromodulation and how to treat severe spasticity of spinal or cerebral origin. Things that really, believe it or not, hardly ever come up in cocktail party conversation and yet, they come as a great relief to a decent segment of the population. I also appreciate the challenge of pronouncing all the stuff al that stuff entails. – Wait ‘til you try to make medication names sound like you say them all the time … And then use them in a sentence. – Reminds me of the Christmas card that showed a young boy with a pensive face and a pencil above the caption, “Johnny knew the meaning of Christmas, but had a hard time using it in a sentence.”

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