Sounds Like AshcraftAbout

Michael Ashcraft works nationally and internationally and is employable on both Union and non-Union projects as a dues paying, Fi-Core, SAG-AFTRA member in good standing. He has a home studio with Source Connect. ISDN bridging available.

Michael grew up watching Warner Brothers Westerns, Looney Tunes, afternoon “jungle cliff hanger” movies and late night “creature features” and aside from a stand-up comic flirtation, always wanted to be a character actor. Now he is one.

His “character” is sometimes acting as a trusted corporate spokesman, or the “guy next door,” but he’s also acted as a talking soft drink, a crab, a flea, a blue horse, a demented cow, an intestinal parasite and a whale with a French accent.

His career as an actor, his formal education and over a decade as a nationally published freelance writer, have informed and sharpened his delivery. In short, he reads the written word as it was written to be read.

For these and other roles and reasons, Michael can put in a good word for you, or put a good face on your upcoming project, production or presentation. Contact him.