Sounds Like AshcraftClients

Boehringer-Ingleheim Mock 20/20 news reporter as a general meeting opening video

Detroit Engines – Trade assn. radio spot with the rare promotional use of helium

Eipix Entertainment – HOPA video game makers – voicing 27 characters across 17 games

Hallmark Cards – Voice Overs for everything from employee meetings and benefit packages to plush toy voices to “Watson” the raccoon in the “Watson the Detective” book series, as well as numerous voices for Hallmark’s “talking card” series.

Hedlund and Associates – VO for a series of industrial positioner specification videos

H&R Block – Company spokesman, National Meeting opening video

Jiffy Lube – radio and TV commercials

Mediacom – on-camera regional TV

Medtronic – Exacting medical device and procedure training video voice overs

QuikTrip – character voice of the pizza slice for a pizza & soft drink promo series

Sollah Interactive – training video maker – VO & on-camera Mentoring & Active Shooter

Sprint – on-camera characters for various in-house training/promotional videos, and national radio

Teva Neuroscience – Meeting and event videos on-camera, live on-stage at conventions

Wendy’s – “Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger” announcer w/ Oliver Overbert & Terrell Owens

Texas Prison System – If you have occasion to be incarcerated in Texas, that’ll be me in the orientation video, explaining how to use the phone system. – (While this was true at one point in time, I can’t imagine it still is, but wanted to retain reference to such a rare opportunity.)

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