Sounds Like AshcraftNarration

As far as good narration goes, I’m a believer.

I believe good narration brings the viewer or listener into a story or setting and moves them along through it with feeling, enlightenment and nuance, enhancing the understanding and enjoyment of the project at hand.

Obvioiusly, Richard Attenborough, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman come to mind as icons in the field, but someone less well known – in my case, much less well known – can move a story along effectively, yet unobtrusively.

In the past year, it has been my good fortune and honor to narrate the opening video for the annual National VFW Convention in Washington D.C., the World Opthalmology Conference in Guadelajara, Mexico, an international cyber safety video for Lockheed Martin and the classic American success story of Amber Brunson; literally born in log cabin, the sixth of eight children, with little formal education, Brunson figured out how things worked and improved and invented instruments that variously went into airplanes, rockets and submarines, were praised by Admiral Byrd in an Antarctic expedition and were “instrumental” in putting a man on the moon. Good stuff.