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Commercially Viable
PSAs to Live By
Non-Announcer Announcer
Mr. Narrator
Multi-voice single spot
Low Range
Better ads through Helium
Audio Books – KidsAdults

Guy on Roof Spot
Active Shooter Stand & Deliver


Hallmark Beginnings
Medical Technical Read

Mentoring 101
Fortune 500 Convention Video
20/20 Spoof Meeting Opener
1 min. Pro-psychiatry Spoof

Live Events:
International Convention Interaction
On Stage With the Boss


Other Ashcraft Voices
More Character Choices

Animated Ashcraft
Classic Game Show Host
The “ONE” in Power
Vintage TV Announcer
ADR (I’m everyone – Ving Rhames, too)
Zombie Owl Vomit


Marklund is a non-profit organization working to improve the everyday lives of infant’s, children and adults with severe and profound developmental disabilities.

With several facilities in the greater Chicago area, Marklund serves residential, day school and life skill needs for the disabled predominantly from Illinois, but from other states as well. It was my honor and privilege to voice this video, produced for their 2017 Top Hat Ball annual fundraiser.

This is the U.S. trailer for a French made IMAX documentary on hurricane formation. An amalgamation of four actual storms, a light breeze in Africa evolves into a major hurricane blasting through Cuba and slamming into the continental United States. And yet, these “greatest storms on Earth” can also restore balance. I’m the guy saying, “…I don’t want to die here.”