Sounds Like AshcraftCorporateTraining

One of the assets of any business is properly trained employees. One of the expenses is properly training them. New hires require orientation and information and indoctrination regarding the way their job and your corporate world work best, and current employees often need ongoing training to stay that way. Either way, time is money. So when you spend the time to train your people, you want them to get the point the first time around.

While you may well be the person who knows best what it is your people need to know, you may not be the best person to tell them…no offense. It’s just that you’re probably some very important business person with a lot of knowledge and power and an MBA and a really sweet car and maybe a time-share in Belize. You’re probably not a person with Bachelor’s Degrees in Speech & Dramatic Art, and Psychology, specially trained to enable your employees to understand what it is you’re trying to tell them, whether on-camera in a video or a web-based training module, or as the informative voice that goes over them.

In short, you want your people trained by the person who can most effectively and efficiently present the information your employees need to know, while you go on about your business.

You want me.

Go on, admit it.

Sample Audio Clips:

Straight Narration – Clear, simple, easily understandable narration moving smoothly through informational content for customer service representatives.

Mr. Narrator 30 – A more fun, more inflective narrator.

Sun Micro – Business-to-business information in a “guy-next-door” tone.