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One of the things people hire me to do is work a crowd. Sometimes as a tuxedo-clad emcee to move a show or a meeting along at a professional pace and introduce the executives who present the awards that honor employee achievement.

Sometimes as someone tasked with making good humor happen at an executive’s expense; like not letting them in to lunch without their “meeting badge”, or walking on-stage in nothing but boxer shorts and a blanket to hug them during a presentation, or pretending to be a pizza delivery guy, or a NASCAR fan, or a Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz: (In fact, in the “Oz” meeting, I also appeared as a flying monkey and the four principals.)
(And Toto, too?)(No, not Toto, too.)

But most often I appear as someone who fits in with the theme and interacts with those attending; like interview them “man-on-the-street” style, or coach them toward team building. Sometimes these characters walk out of a prepared video and interact live, in character, with those attending. Sometimes the interaction is filmed on the spot and edited into a video shown at the end of a conference, to break up an awards night or provide a recap of an event’s main events.

Conference attendees love to see themselves and their co-workers up on the big screen.

Take me … and my word for it.

Sample Video Clips:

This is the video prepared ahead of time that I followed up live at the event, in boxers and a blanket, to hug a surprised executive during his presentation:

This is an edited version of an unscripted set of three videos shot and edited over the course of a convention and shown during the awards banquet on the final night:

Sample Audio Clip:

Ashcraft standard VOG – This is a standard set of non-character VOG announcements that I can perform either live on stage, live back stage, or pre-record and email to you ahead of the event:

… Or, of course, you can always have a character version: