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Let’s say you want to produce a video for your company or corporate event that involves interviewing executives or attendees, enhancing the theme of a meeting, facilitating the training, re-training or rewarding of your employees, or one that tells your potential clients and current customers why they’d be foolish to spend their money with anyone other than you.

If so, you will certainly want a convincing spokesman, character, customer, client, or infomercial-type-delivery guy as an on-screen participant or voice-over-presence to more clearly and enjoyably make your point.

More to the point, let me make it for you.

Sample Video Clips:

This is a video intended to introduce the host city, the site of an international logistics convention, to the attendees:

This is a video intended to fire up a NASCAR themed meeting and introduce the principals. I’m the guy with the blond mullet and barbwire tat.