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More than just a pretty voice, I have collaboration skills that could save you time, and as you may have heard, time is money… (and if you haven’t heard that then, legally, you have to quote me on it). While I chalk it up to time spent waiting tables as much as to time spent in a sound booth, I will very likely understand where you want to go with your copy and take you there, no matter how esoteric, obtuse or subtle or your stage direction. And if your directions are clear, concise and unequivocal, you can trust me to follow them to the proverbial “T”. I’ve been married for over 30 years. I take direction really well.

We all want to make the commercial making process as fast and as painless as possible with the best possible options on the table. Things like getting clean takes of paragraphs, if not pages, so you’re not paying an editor to pull words or phrases from takes 3, 14 and 32 to form a complete sentence.

After all, you’ve probably been asking the client for copy approval for months now, and once they give it, they’ll likely want the finished spot tomorrow, if not yesterday. This is where I come in … handy.

There are a lot of ways to do commercials, but THE way, or the BEST way to do your commercial is the way you want it done. I can do that for you.

Sound good?

It will. Believe me, it will.